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Welcome to Hardball, a private non-profit baseball rotisserie league run strictly for the amusement of its creator, Kenneth Broder, and its ever-changing cast of team managers. We have been at this, in one form or another, since 1984, which begs the question: What is THIS?

What this is NOT is your typical high-roller, fast-action fantasy sports league. There is a small entry fee to play and no trading during the season. The league's initial, dual purpose was to determine who the best hitters and pitchers in baseball were and to gauge which of our managers was best at predicting that. That was before the internet and nearly before computers. Fifteen years, one baseball strike and a billion dollars in player salaries later, the league has mostly become my excuse for learning more about computer programming. But since no one but me really cares about that, we maintain the fiction of sports fanaticism.

Some site features

A Columnist is Born, and Buried Over a decade ago, the L.A. Herald-Examiner was silly enough to entrust me with a sports column. It lasted one season. This is the first column and this is the second.

2000 Best Players A 30-team league stocked with the top players in baseball as if we drafted the best at each position on Team One, etc.

2000 Season Final results from last year's Hardball League.

2000 Preseason Projection A look at how the teams in our league would do based on the previous year's player performances. Of course, as a quick look at History of Hardball shows, a player's performance last year is often a weak predictor of how he will do this year.

'27 Season stats A 16-team league from the year Babe Ruth hit 60 homers for arguably the greatest team of all-time.

It's all listed below

And, of course, the site is still home to Ken's Movies, a list of every film I've seen the past 30 years.

The site is not much to look at now, but eventually it will be home to an interactive application that will not only utilize charts and graphs to display the ongoing results of the league, but host a feature-laden viewer of statistical information including career, seasonal and week-to-week formats.

But until that day arrives, the site will house a textual representation of the league. For an explanation of who we are and how the game is played, check out The Editor's Disclaimer.

Pick a Page
2000 SeasonHardball final stats
2000 Best Players30-team league
2000 Preseason ProjectionOur 2000 picks using '99 stats
'99 SeasonHardball final stats
'99 Best Players30-team league
'99 Preseason ProjectionOur '99 picks using '98 stats
'98 Best Players30-team league
'98 MidSeason10-team league of best players
'97 SeasonHardball final stats
'97 Best Players28-team league
'97 Preseason ProjectionOur '97 picks using '96 stats
'96 SeasonHardball final stats
'96 Best Players26-team league

A couple other pages of note:

Who Took Who in the 2000 Draft

Year-by-year Hardball standings since the league's inception - History of Hardball

A couple of different views of how players have fared in the league in recent years
MVP Ratings: '89-99

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