From: Broder, Ken
Sent: Friday, June 05, 2009 3:35 PM
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today is my last day at the Los Angeles Times. it seems like only yesterday that the crisis in newspapers reached its peak with the shuttering of my previous employer, the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. But 19-plus years later that observation has proven to be a bit shortsighted.

this place has paradoxically been for me both a refuge from the nastier vicissitudes of life and an opportunity to indulge all my obsessions with the world around me. i feel that iíve fulfilled my undergraduate objective of hiding out in school forever.

except forever ends today.

for those who care to stay in touch, i can be reached at kenbroder@gmail.com. my website is http://www.theeditorsdisclaimer.com (and if youíre a baseball fanatic, check out http://www.theeditorsdisclaimer.com/hardball.htm)

and for those who remain, i caution that you should "never let an assumption of stupidity overwhelm your suspicion of venality."

as for me: ďDone, Iím done and Iím on to the next one.Ē