1. Players vote to strike for the first time.

2. Kevin Cosner does Susan Sarandon on the kitchen table in Bull Durham.

3. Sushi goes on sale at ballparks across America.

4. A cadaverous Mickey Mantle warns us not to live the life we all still want to live.

5. Kirk Gibson tries to rip the head off a teammate who put shoe polish in his hat.

6. Pumpsie Green breaks the color barrier in Boston 12 years after Jackie Robinson does it in Brooklyn.

7. Willie Mays takes job as a Vegas greeter.

8. Ted Williams is freeze dried.

9. Disco Demolition night at Comiskey Park sparks a riot and causes forfeit of game.

10. Homers by Bobby Thompson, Bill Mazeroski and Carlton Fisk, Johnny Vander Meer's back-to-back no-hitters and Don Larsen's perfect-game are left off fans' list of Greatest Moments.

Honorable Mention

Pete Rose bets he'll never get caught doin' greenies at game time.

Although the nation had once turned its lonely eyes to him, Joe DiMaggio is now revealed to be a major league a-hole.

Halter-top night in Kansas City; 25-cent beer night in Cleveland. (Surprised no one thought to combine these.)

Maury Wills tries to snort the third base line in Seattle.

The Black Sox scandal.

Ball goes through Bill Buckner's legs.

Bo Belinsky goes through Mamie Van Doren's legs.

Curt Flood is run out of baseball for opposing slavery.

Roberto Alomar fails the saliva test.

William Bendex falls out of a hammock in the Babe Ruth story. (May be confusing this with Life of Reilly episode.)